14 April 2014

Grandpa's Garden, an update

Well yesterday I did it. 

I mowed the lawn and weeded the flower garden. I picked up the junk that had found its way into my garden areas. I called uncle Paul to borrow the tiller, (that's a machine that makes the dirt soft), and I used it where I want to plant my garden. Then I went to the nursery and picked out:

 4 baby salad tomato plant, 
1 baby pick it and eat it tomato plant, 
2 baby Anaheim pepper plants, 
3 baby bell pepper plants, 
2 baby jalapeno plants, 
3 baby broccoli plants, 
3 baby brussell sprout plants, 
and 2 cucumber plants 

I also got purple grass and some flowers for grandmas garden.

When I was planting my vegetables I saw 1 duck three Robbins a bunch of rolly poly potato bugs, 1 centipede, a hornet and two bees.

I'm very excited about my garden.

Have a good day, I love you,

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