18 April 2014

Of Ants and Strawberries

Today is a sad day. Before I came to work today I stopped to look closely at my garden and give my little plants a drink of water. Most of my little buddies are doing fine. One of my JalapeƱo plants didn’t make it. He was all dried up and brittle. My pick it and eat it tomato plant looks like it is going to make it, even though it caught a really bad chill the first night it was at my house. My cucumber plants were looking petty good the other day, but today they weren’t looking too healthy. I may have to buy new ones tomorrow.
The flowers I bought for Grandma are doing really good. Growing like little weeds! I was worried for a little while but all of a sudden they have lots of little buds that will turn into purple, orange, red, and white flowers. Some will just have pretty leaves for a little while then in July will make blue flowers. I can hardly wait.

The strawberries have flowers on them now so it won’t be too long until the ants start digging around them. That seems to be a good thing for my strawberries. The ants don’t seem to be interested in the fruit, just the sugar that is in the roots. I think they tickle the feet of the strawberry plants and make them giggle. That makes them get bigger and leafier, then they make more fruit. I’m getting excited!!!
 Love you all,
                Grandpa Than

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