22 July 2014

MingoChicken (Reprise): An Update on Everyone's Favorite Flamingo

I was transferring all our photos from various camera devices and found this little photo strip of Oliver and MingoChicken selfies. I had to share. 

In case you have wondered, MingoChicken is doing well these days. At the beginning of the month, Oliver informed me that MingoChicken had grown and hatched some baby chickies of her own. Oliver told me all about how she would nurse them under her wing.

For two weeks, he walked around with cupped hands telling me all about the chickies: how they were feeling, whether they liked our current activity or not, what they thought about the food we were eating, etc. I had to hold doors open everywhere we went so that the baby chickies didn't get left behind (they had a difficult time learning to fly fast enough to keep up with us). I haven't heard much about the baby chickies lately, but they still come up every couple of days.

My mom and I were talking about the time I bought that silly flamingo while we were on vacation. I was really too old to enjoy stuffed animals, it was the beginning of the trip, and really, a very silly purchase if you get right down to it. However, I must declare that the flamingo has been worth every cent that I paid for her and more when I think of what a fun friend she has been for my favorite little boy.

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