16 July 2014

Mr. Four

About ten months ago, someone asked you when your birthday was. You astounded me when you answered them with a resounding, "July!"

As it had been quite a while since we last discussed your birthday, I was amazed that you remembered. The rest of your third year was full of similar surprises. You were constantly reminding me what a great brain you were carrying around in your thoughtful little head. The greatest brain in America.

You also gave me a run for my money!

You threw many a tantrum. You found out all of your Christmas surprises. You cried through EVERY. SINGLE. BATH. The list goes on, my young friend.

This year, you put me to the test, and though I'm still not sure that I passed...the jury is still out...I can tell you emphatically, that I am so happy that you were born!

I love your little voice, and your contagious laugh. I love your bouncy little walk, and your never ending imagination. I love your snuggles and your helpful attitude. I love the way your are constantly looking at me with those blueberry eyes and telling me that you love me.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Four!

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