27 July 2014

Ocean City and Chastity.

Over the weekend, we trekked across Maryland and part of Delaware to go to Ocean City with our weekend party group. 

We crossed the Bay Bridge, which fascinated Oliver and terrified me. The trip took hours longer than it should have because of traffic, but once we got to the beach and rented our beach umbrellas I decided that it was worth it. 

Though he hated the water, Oliver loved playing in the sand with his dad all afternoon. He also enjoyed gathering shells for one of his collections (he has started collecting collections). 

When the rain started, we packed up and headed towards the boardwalk. We were only going a few miles, but we sat in traffic FOREVER (like and hour) because the bridge on MD 50 was broken and needed repairs. 

I started to worry that maybe we would be stuck in Ocean City for the night, and that we were going to miss giving the talks that we had been assigned in church the next day...topic: Chastity. Clearly, having to spend the weekend in Ocean City would have been perfectly fine with me, thank you very much.

For the first time in, oh...ever, we did everything and anything that struck our fancy. We enjoyed the full Ocean City culinary experience: treats from the Fractured Prune (doughnuts), Thrasher's French Fries, Dumser's Ice Cream, and The Candy Kitchen. We were not disappointed.

We eventually made our way back to the car and got our place in line on the clogged road leading out of town in the opposite direction. Pretty soon after that, we learned the the bridge had reopened. We flipped a U-turn and cruised on out of town.

We got home late at night, bathed our tired, crying children and stayed up until 3:00 am finishing my talk crashed in our soft, soft, sand free beds.

Though we probably spent as much or more time in the car driving to, from, and through Ocean City than we did actually playing, our one day vacation was truly one for the books. 

And in case you were wondering...I have it on good authority, from a large sample of kind, complimentary, supportive people in our ward that, despite the somewhat awkward assigned topic, and the number of times I had to say the word "sexual" in front of the entire ward congregation (8), our talks were the bees knees, and that I am funny. And that feels pretty good.

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  1. Dear Della,
    I love you. Why did you have to leave Malad? Primary presidency mtgs are not the same w/o you. Couldn't Jesse just commute? I am delighted with your little Alice and grown up Oliver. P.S. Could you come back and give the talk on chastity?