04 August 2014

Gettysburg! A Culinary Experience

My awesome friend Sarah invited me to go to Gettysburg with her and her husband. He has all the Gettysburg smarts. He was going to take us on a tour and tell us all the best stories. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it that day, so we rescheduled for another day. Because Tom couldn't go, it turned into a walk through historic Gettysburg and an amazing culinary experience. Because I love food, I'm going to tell you where and what we ate. It was fantastic.

We started with lunch at Hunt's Battle Fries and Cafe where I ate a most delicious cheesesteak sandwich, french fries. orangeade, and lemonade. Yes. I had to try them both. If you go to Gettysburg, you NEED to eat here.

We went to a fudge shop to see fudge being made and sampled a taste.

We had Rita's, because if there is a Rita's, then I need a Cherry Gelati,

For dinner I had Baked King's Onion Soup and warm Colonial Gingerbread IN A TAVERN! It was legit. And delicious.

And now, if you go to Gettysburg and find that you are hungry, you know where to eat! You're welcome. Enjoy!

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