21 August 2014

The Story of Jesse's Life: PA {almost} C, MMS

A few weeks ago, Jesse was getting ready for PA school graduation and showing Oliver his fancy new lab coat, with his name embroidered above the breast pocket.

"Jesse Moses PA-C, MMS"

(that means : Physician Assistant - Certified, Master of Medical Sciences)

"But I'm not a PA-C yet." Jesse explained, "Not until I pass my boards."

Then Oliver, who was clearly listening attentively, chimed in saying, 

"That's right! And you are not BAF or a MMG"

Jesse took the Physician Assistant Certifying Exam (PANCE pronounced "Pants") today. This test has given the boy nightmares for the past few months, and we are all so grateful it is over. We should know the results within the next two weeks.

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  1. I can't belive how big Oliver looks!! (PS--sorry for the comment overload!)