01 August 2014

Weekend Party Group

About this time last year, I was done being miserable. 

I had been sad since January, for a lot of reasons that I don't even remember anymore. Then I was happy because I was pregnant. Immediately following, I was sick...because I was pregnant. It was a million degrees outside for two months straight. I didn't feel like PA school was ever, EVER going to end, and I didn't feel like I had friends.

And I don't tell you that to be whiny, I just need you to know how lonely and sad I felt...

So I made a goal to get happy, and I decided that the best way to start was to make a few friends.

First, I had my sights set on Shelly... Her husband was about to start the program and they were moving in two buildings over. Then, I gave a sacrament meeting talk on Mother's Day and noticed that Kimber had just moved into our ward. I introduced myself very awkwardly, and then left town for my brother's wedding.

In August, I put my plans into action and went to as many Relief Society Activities, book clubs, play groups, girls nights...you name it, I went. I made a lot of awesome friends. And when I say that, I mean A LOT of EXCEPTIONAL friends.

I also harassed Kimber and Shelly into hanging out with me, and at some point, we established a comfortable friendship. In October, we started hanging out together regularly on weekdays, and having dinner parties on weekends with our husbands.

When I had Alice, they watched Ollie, brought me dinner, and let me talk about what a hard time I was having whenever I needed to. In January, we all met Missy and Jeff after Shelly invited them to dinner with us at Cafe Rio. The rest is really history.

I don't mean to be sappy, but I really can't tell you what a support these people have been to us this past year. We've spent birthdays, holidays, Sunday dinners, and so on and so forth together. We have relied on them a lot, and I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss this Maryland family of mine.

Clockwise around the table, starting with Jesse...Jesse, Oliver, Della (and Alice), Geoff, Calvin, Kimber, Jeff, Missy, and Josh. Shelly was taking the picture. Taken in Ocean City, MD July 26, 2014

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