18 July 2009

Quotes from Kwin

Today was a special day! Our dear friend Kwin came to visit!

That boy is so funny. It reminded me of the good old days when Kwin, Niels, Jesse and I would hang out at Canyon View number 8. Jesse had so much fun reminiscing with him and I enjoyed "flirting" with him again for old time's sake. Kwin has the greatest sense of humor! I laughed the whole time. Here are some of the things he said...

He was telling us about his turn to teach the sexual purity lesson at EFY...we reenacted his favorite part.

Kwin: "What is round, red, and has a stem?"
Jesse: "An apple!"
Kwin: "Who is Peter Pan's side-kick?"
Della: "Tinker Bell!"
Kwin: "How many stripes does a bee have?"
Della: "Three!" (I wasn't thinking very clearly, really it's five)
Kwin: "How fast can a swallow fly?"
Jesse: "African or European?"
Kwin: "Well I guess you know a whole lot more about fruit and fairies than you do about the birds and the bees."

Also, throughout the night he would drop all of these hilarious pick up lines (for old times sake). These were my favorites.

"If I were a gardener I would put your "two lips" by mine."

"Let's make like fabric softener and snuggle."

"Do you like water? Then you like over 70% of my body!"

That's our Kwin!

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