01 January 2010

Thanksgiving weekend brought the Gold and Green Ball to Blanding, Utah and the Moseses were in attendance.

 They loved us so much that they put us in the paper...

That's right Lovelies, we were famous in Blanding for a day.

Left to Right: Mike, Jesse, Becca, Della...and then two adorable children...

 Left to Right: Jesse, the kid I don't know that grabbed my waist, Della, and Becca

(This is a very great honor considering that few people in the history of the world have had their picture in the Blue Mountain Panorama...pay no mind to the fact that few people in the history of the world have lived in Blanding, Utah)

1 comment:

  1. I Love It!!!...even I who live in Monticello (close to Blanding) (read both papers) haven't even recieved that rare honor!!! haha That's awesome!!! I'll have to go find that paper!
    Love you