14 January 2010

Some Slinky Photos of Me

On Christmas Day, we opened our gifts from Santa Clause and found


Everyone loves a slinky you know.

This brought the onslaught of:

"Don't stretch the slinky too much!"


"Careful, don't tangle your slinky!"

These comments were directed towards...

Heather, Bryan, Jesse, and me...

all adults... well mostly.

Like we don't know how to play with a Slinky.

Heather's favorite joke was to act out my parents:

The Madre: "Here's a fun slinky for you! I hope you enjoy it, but don't play with it..."

The Soda Pop: "Don't play with it! Something terrible will happen if you play with it. What did we tell you about not playing with your slinky?"

OK, maybe it wasn't quite that bad.

But we sure had some fun with those slinkies!

Note: all slinkies are still in shape and waiting for their next adventure.

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