01 January 2010

My 2010 Resolve

Some thoughts to help me through the next year:

1. "No one owes me anything."

I just need to repeat this to myself everyday and anytime someone does something that may affect me. By reminding myself of this, I will be able to give more meaningful service, improve my marriage, and prepare myself for my future role as a mother.

2. "I can't afford it."

I have fallen away from my budget. Do you remember those tight fingers that used to hold my wallet shut? Well they have loosened as of recently. Regardless of whether I have the money or not, I do not need to afford everything that I think I want. Christmas is over, tuition is due, and as soon as we get through the next two months of birthdays we will be on track for our frugal old habits of planning ahead, home cooking, and saving money...And though it takes more effort, it's the way we like it.

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