18 January 2010

Try it! Try it! You Will Like It!

The time has come for you to try a Tim Tam.

"What's a Tim Tam?" you ask...

Well, just so you know, a Tim Tam is a bit of chocolaty heaven...

(Yes lovelies, I did say chocolate and heaven in the same sentence...that's how serious I am about this!)

Tim Tams come from the land of Kangaroos and Koala bears (or so I'm told).

...but if they are available at the Ephraim WalMart then you are safe to look for them ANYWHERE.

The Method:

Bite off one corner of the Tim Tam

Turn the cookie over and bit off the opposite corner.

Next, dip one of those open corners into some delectable hot chocolate, and suck on the other end...sort of like a straw.

As soon as you taste the glorious hot chocolate coming through the cookie, toss the whole Tim Tam in your mouth and savor the creamy, chocolaty goodness that it provides.

There you have it! Now go try one! I promise you won't be sorry.


  1. Ooh - it does sound good. Now I'm mad that I have to be on campus all day and may not make it to the store tonight. Anything combined with hot chocolate should be good. It's like my staple beverage!

  2. Della, tonight Brent and I experienced the Tim Tam... Well, more I than him. You see he just dunked it with no patience to actually suck the yummy hot chocolate through the tim tam though I had the full chocolate heaven experience! It was great! His experience probably sucked... okay he said it didn't suck, I lied, but wasn't as good as mine, I guarentee it.
    I love you face, Dani