27 January 2010

One More Time With Feeling

Lately I have been tired.....and worried about a myriad of thing such as:

  • statistics

  • RA applications

  • Anderson Hall

  • eating a balanced diet

  • money

  • taxes

  • people

  • And my brain that seems to have skipped out on me

    • And I've been thinking....we've got a long-ish road ahead of us until things can settle down...so I need to quit worrying so much.

      And then I heard this song....and I loved it....and it will serve a wonderful purpose in my life....

      to keep me on track...

      sorta keep things in perspective.

      BEHOLD! My new mantra:

      "...Hold on
      One more time with feeling.
      Try it again. Breathing's just a rhythm.
      Say it in your mind until you know the words are right
      This is why we fight..."

      It's perfect! It maketh me very happy and whispers "Goosfraba" to my poor worry filled head.

      1 comment:

      1. Della, dear.. you can call me anytime you worry. You better know that!
        I love you, Dani