13 November 2011

Did you know that I really really REALLY love to cook?

I especially love preparing delicious meals for the people I care about...

In fact, that happens to be my favorite way to say,
"I love you."

I think it's probably something I learned from a Grandma or two that I know.

Actually, if you're reading this, chances are that I have missed you immensely and would like nothing more than to sit you down at my kitchen table and stuff you with food!

Just so you know how I feel...

And you shouldn't fret if we're not super tight. I also use treats to let people know that I'd really love to have them as my friend...


  1. I'd kill for a Della Marie made meal :) Love and miss you!

    So fantastic to chat.

    I miss you. A. Lot.

  2. No way--I'm totally the same way as you may have guess from all the treat nights at my place in Ephraim!

  3. I miss your amazing meals and treats!!! I got so spoiled when we lived close together.

  4. I love you too...thanks for my birthday dinner!! love mom