04 November 2011


Jesse's trip to Philadelphia has come and gone.

He said it was great,

And that the roads are CRAZY,
But the drivers were so nice.

He also thinks that he impressed his interviewer.

Would you like to know something a little bit silly???

Jesse was invited to interview a couple of months ago (I'm thinking august?)...but we couldn't really afford to send him then, so Jesse called the school and asked what the interview window was. When told he had plenty of time, he asked if there would be a penalty for waiting and was told no. Well, there was. The school had already sent acceptance letters to enough people to fill the program.

Jesse was told, however, not worry because the roll over rate on the wait list is pretty high since most people who get accepted to programs, get accepted to more than one...we'll keep our fingers crossed.

What did we learn?

It is all one big game!

And that's fine.

We like to play games.

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