22 November 2011

I fixed a Thanksigiving feast yesterday...

I made WAY too much food for the three of us to put away, but it was so delicious!
We had:
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Magical Yams (Ollie loved 'em!)
Cranberry Jelly
and some Pumpkin Pie topped with an inch of Whipped Cream

My turkey gave me trouble...just like the last one. But don't blame the turkey. I think it was my approach. I just need more practice.

We ate on china and drank from crystal. I think Thanksgiving tastes better that way.

I thought about dressing up in my brand new D.I. dress, which, trust me, would have been a TREAT...but after a day of slaving in my kitchen, I decided that casual clothes with a dishtowel around my waist would have to be acceptable.

The dinner dishes are still waiting to be washed...

I'll get right on that...

Now all that's left is the real deal at Grandma's house on Thursday.


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  1. Della you need to teach me your tricks! This will be my first Thanksgiving I will be cooking myself. I am TERRIFIED!!!