07 November 2011

The Story of Jesse's Life: Scones

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the couch...trying to decide if I would rather watch unending episodes of Medium, or write my paper on Cognitive Development
(Piaget and Vygotsky have been my best friends this week...wait? Didn't I already take Human Development AND Early Childhood? Alas, I am there again, but it could be worse...Anywho),   
Jesse came in and made a speech, complete with hand gestures, about how delicious a scone covered with butter and homemade strawberry jam might be.

I shrugged my shoulders and pretended not to be interested while he rummaged through the kitchen for my roll dough recipe...
that's right, lovelies, I now have a roll dough recipe because sometimes, every now and again, I like to make rolls...from scratch...in the bread machine. Hey, it counts!
I had to pretend I didn't want any for a while in order to avoid helping...
yes...sometimes I am just that lazy.
When the scone making process started to look fun, I got up and joined Jesse...and would you believe he started bossing me around...
"You need more flour" and "let that rise for a minute" and "Why did you use the pizza cutter to make a squiggly line in my dough?"

I thought it was a little bit funny that our kitchen roles had been so completely reversed...I mean, I'm usually the one bossing people around in my kitchen, so I teased,

"Since when did you get to be such a scone expert, huh?"
His reply,

"Since I just got off the phone with my mom."
And it was TRUE! They were, quite possibly, the BEST SCONES I HAD EVER TASTED! That Jacque sure knows a thing or two about scones...among many other things.

They were so good that I made him *pinky promise with his left hand (That means it was legit!) that he would make them for our family every Fast Sunday from now through eternity...

It is totally happening. My kids can thank me later.

*Thank you, ShaNeil, for making this family tradition possible by teaching me about pink promises with left hands...


  1. The Hathaways hereby volunteer to help Jesse perfect his scone-making abilities by consuming as many scones as he is willing to provide us with. Aren't we such good friends?!

  2. YAY! :) This brings me so much joy...just so you know.