20 March 2013

{Dear Mom}

 a comprehensive update on each of us infused with various photos of Oliver...

Oliver's favorite song is "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare Before Christmas.  He knows every word.

If you think you are being the coolest mom ever, and rearrange the electronic devices in the house so that he can listen to the previously mentioned song while he goes to sleep, because he is bored with all of the other music options you have provided, you're wrong. He will look at you with a little frown and say "I don't want to be scared of the dark! I don't want to listen to Halloween!"

Jesse has become somewhat superstitious...When he does really well on a test, he singles out a couple of things that happened before the test and recreates them before every test. It's a little bit funny, but mostly sad because it shows just how stressed out his poor little brain is. He's a no-nonsense, very logical, black and white kind of guy. He's never been superstitious about anything before. A couple of his pretest habits include not leaving the house before I have wished  him luck, and moving the clock back to where it was before I rearranged the dining room, so that he can sit in the same place at the dining table every time he studies and still see the time.

Ollie has memorized the opening of Blue's Clues. He knows all the little jingles, and always does the Blue's Clues hand actions when he talks to you about the show. He's obsessed.

The other day I realized that I am SO SICK of hearing/reading the acronym "DIY," the word "Ombre," and the phrase "Chevron Stripes." I need to spend less time on pinterest.

This is Jesse's favorite collection of youtube videos on the web...seriously, he found them last August and we are still laughing.

A few weeks ago, Oliver was being silly at bedtime and was waving his feet in the air. I laughed along and then said, "Put your feet down, silly goose." He thought it was so funny that it is now a required part of our regular bedtime routine, even more important than hugs, kisses, or I love yous.

I have sort of a reputation at the post office... I send a lot of mail...and I try to be creative about it. Steve (my favorite postman) laughed at my Valentine's packaging, and another post lady always asks me if I'm that one girl who sends those birthday cards.

Jesse learned to do stitches and casts in lab recently and we are 2 1/2 months away from clinical rotations. I'm finally starting to feel like this PA school thing is really happening, and not just a bad dream.

A recent conversation between Oliver and Jesse:

Oliver, "You're a GRUMP dad!!!"
Jesse, "Oliver, please don't talk to me like that."
Oliver, "You're a grump, please?"

I've started entering all kinds of giveaways. Because you know, it doesn't hurt to enter. And every once in a while, I actually win!

Jesse won't stop singing this song. It's pretty much the most annoying song ever, and if you watch it, you'll see why.

Oliver has started pretending to be dinosaurs, and kittens, and monsters, and etc. While he is pretending to be those things, he informs you of how he wishes to be referred to. For example, if he is pretending to be a dinosaur, he will only respond to "Mr. Dinosaur." If he is pretending to be a cat, he will only respond to "Mr. very cute Cat." If he is pretending to be a monster, he will only respond to "Mr. very VERY scary Monster."

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