31 March 2013

A Hunting We Will Go...

 Our Easter was lovely, thanks for asking.

It was gray and rainy all day, so we hunted for eggs in the living room. Oliver searched high and low for eggs, all the while singing:

Where are you eggs, where can you be?
Where are you eggs, don't hide from me!

Every time he found one, he tossed it into his basket where we heard it crack, just like all of the previous eggs that he found. (Turns out Easter grass is good for more than just filling out baskets, hiding small pieces of candy, and being impossible to rid oneself of.)

Oliver must have my hunting skills, because it took him a lot of time and some pretty significant hints (i.e. Jesse and me pointing at a nearby egg, in plain sight, and saying, "why don't you look there?") for him to find some of them. 

We finished the day off right with every toddler's fantasy Easter feast: corn dogs, yogurt, and deviled eggs for dinner, followed by a nice fat slice of Chocolate Easter Bunny Pie for everyone.

*I promise I'll share the recipe tomorrow, but for now, it's 11:00 pm and I'm going to bed...

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