28 March 2013

Would you care to see my new rack?

POT rack!

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Jesse devised this plan after I started browsing pot racks online.

He used a wire shelving  unit thingy that I bought to hold towels in our first apartment four years ago, but have thoroughly hated since because it never proved useful ever again.

When Jesse told me his idea, I protested. It sounded really, really lame. And hideous.

So he did it anyway.

And I learned a very valuable lesson...one that seems to surprise me over and over and over and over again.

Shut up and listen to my husband once in a while!

It is tremendously useful! And while it doesn't look just the way I wanted a pot rack to look, it is far from hideous. And it only cost $8 (for the s hooks, which are actually shower curtain hangers, because they were cheaper than s hooks and more appropriately sized). Not to mention that it made a completely wasted space useful again. It also functions as a drum set for Oliver J. 

Cheap, re purposed, and really really useful? I'm good with that.

I'm a little less good with the drumming, but it's all about picking my battles.

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