24 March 2013

Long Neck Turtles

We went to Inner Harbor and visited the National Aquarium again!

Favorite aquatic specimen from this visit:

This fish is called a cowfish. He is NOT a very fetching fish.

This turtle's neck is about 37 times longer than the other turtle necks in the tank. Ok, that was an exaggeration, but not by much! This photo just doesn't do it justice. It seemed that he could move his neck any way that he wanted. Like a snake...with a turtle shell. 

It was fascinating...and gross.

Also fascinating: Just past the turtles, we came across a woman feeding a bucket of crickets to a tank of fish. She would dip a long stick into her cricket bucket and hold it over the tank. The fish inside would spit water up to the stick to knock cricket off and into the water. Jesse and I were enthralled by the actual fish feeding. Oliver was most interested in the bucket of crickets.

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  1. Seriously my favorite field trip as an elementary school student was that aquarium! How fun!