11 March 2014

I Wish Carter's Made Clothes for Grownups

Today was a swell day.

I was on time for both dropping off AND picking up Oliver from his preschool group.

I had a free five dollars to spend at Kohl's! No strings attached. I spent it on Alice, as usual.

I finally got to the store to pick up new mascara...I've been mascara-less for DAYS which has truly been a tragedy because I'm in LOVE with my eyelashes. Also, I'm vain. 

I'm so vain I think ALL the songs are about me.

I got to spend the rest of the afternoon watching The West Wing.

And Alice was wearing my current favorite outfit. A llama shirt with bright red corduroy pants.

I don't know about you, but I'd sure love a llama shirt like this one! However, I'm not certain that I could pull off the red pants.

Holy Moly! My baby is adorable! 

I'll be happy when she has some hair on the top of her beautiful little head to deflect that glare that seems to be in every picture I take of her... Again with the vanity!


  1. Wait a minute...West Wing??? Did you know that Sal is in the "Let Bartlett be Bartlett" episode? No lines and you have to keep watch on people moving in the background, but he's identifiable about 6 times!

  2. Della - she is so gorgeous and such a cute name!!! Congratulations!

  3. A llama? A LLAMA?! I love this... this post, you, Alice. I heart you so much it hurts!