09 March 2014

The Moses Twins

Alice and Mingochicken spend an awful lot of time together at Oliver's insistence. 

Mingochicken always seemed so inanimate, but since Alice arrived, Mingochicken has really come to life.

She needs blankets, diaper changes, and bottles on a regular basis (Oliver tried nursing her, but he realized quickly that he doesn't have "Chests" so, bottles it is!). She doesn't need a crib though. Oliver has decided to cosleep.

Mingochicken used to cry, but there is currently a strict No Crying rule in our home. Alice is really struggling with that one. (BABIES! What can you do?) 

Miss Alice and Miss Mingochicken get their diapers changed (Mingochicken's diapers are invisible.
Mingochicken is Oliver's pride and joy.

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