04 March 2014


Sweet Baby Alice is two months old today!

Fun Things About Alice:

She consistently gives me seven hours of sleep and she tries really hard to be happy at all times, and in all things, and in all places. Her hair is growing, and slowly filling itself in on top. The simple fact is that we've gone completely gaga over this sweet baby and I don't expect that to ever change. 

Speaking of sweet..."Sweet Baby Alice" is the name that she has come to be known by to a few friends here in Maryland, and the name I use most often. It was given to her by my good friend, whose interweb name is Miss M.   When Alice was just a few days old, Miss M. posted a photo of herself holding Alice to her facebook page and she received many congratulations from friends who assumed that she had adopted again. Since then, she has earned the title of Favorite Aunt because of her considerable effort to spend time snuggling Alice at least once every week since she was born.

Speaking of names... Mom, you'll be happy/relieved to know that after two months spent with Miss Alice Miriam who, in my opinion, has the best name on the planet, we no longer think of her as Rocket Swish. It just never crosses our minds. And while it is fine with me that my friends are still referring to her as RS, it really throws me off sometimes.

Speaking of friends who are still calling her Rocket Swish... I asked my Young Women not to even touch the baby until March. I know that sounds like overkill, but you haven't seen a group of ten teenage girls converge upon a baby the way these sweet girls do, and at the height of flu and cold season, I wanted Alice to be a little older before they started passing her around. On Sunday, they walked into the Young Women's room with eyes only for Alice. It was like a very gentle game of hot potato...

And that is Alice at two months!

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