20 March 2014


Oliver slid his pants drawer open this morning and exclaimed "I DON'T HAVE ANY CLEAN PANTS!" and it was true, so he wore skeleton jammies to preschool. I am SO over laundry.

Jesse spent a million years at the MVA fixing his drivers license. He tried to complain, but I reminded him that every time I've gone to the MVA I've done so with at least one child in tow. I would give anything to go to the MVA and sit quietly by myself for a couple of hours...

I sauteed spinach tonight at the suggestion of my good friend, the interweb. I liked it. Also, the spinach helped me feel a little better about all the junk I've been consuming lately. Seriously, don't ask me how many corndogs I ate. Suffice it to say that I won't be buying anymore treats until I recover some self control. I'm just SO HUNGRY all the time.

Alice is a chatterbox and we enjoyed many delightful conversations with her today.

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