07 September 2012

Escalator Kisses

Photo taken at the National Museum of American History

I changed Oliver J.'s diaper this morning and then asked him to take it to the bathroom garbage. I watched him walk into the bathroom and few seconds later I heard a big SPLASH. It became immediately necessary for me to have a very specific talk with Mr. Ollivander about what sorts of things belong in the toilet. Diapers did not make that list.

I had to count at Oliver today, which is not different from any other day of the week...I got all the way to three and that got Oliver all the way to the kitchen corner for two minutes. Halfway through, Jesse called him out for some reason or another. I was so frustrated that I threatened to put Jesse in the corner for 27 minutes. The threat sounded so ridiculous flying out of my mouth that I had to walk away before I busted up laughing.

Tonight we read scriptures and said prayers with Oliver in the living room and then, jokingly, told him to put himself to bed. "Ok, sure" he said. Then on his way up the stairs he said "Have fun!" and "See you tomorrow!" He walked into his room and shut the door.  We followed him up shortly after to tuck him in for real and found him in bed with his binky in his mouth and his blanket pulled up to his chin.

Later, I peeked in to check on him and found him still awake. I walked in, laid my head on his pillow, and told him I would love him forever and ever. He just smiled. Then he told me a secret..."I love you, Dewa," he whispered in my ear. I gave him a big squeeze and rubbed his nose with mine before I left. On my way out the door I heard him say "You give me a escawator kiss, mom?"

There is not a single thing in this world that makes me happier than he does.

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