23 September 2012

When Left to His Own Devices...

Chaos ensues...
It is important to note that not 30 minutes prior, the room was tidy and Oliver J. was wearing pants...

Fast forward another 30 minutes and there are no books on the shelf, nor toys in the bin.

You can only imagine the ordeal it was for Oliver to have to clean it all up.


  1. On a different note, I want his oscar the grouch hat.

  2. Betcha can't imagine life twice as crazy in half the time... ;) Good thing they eventually grow up to an age where they learn there's more to playing than "redistributing" toys and books.

    ... and keeping their pants on.

  3. This just made me giggle so much b/c I can so absolutely relate, momma. My dear 20 month old Gatsby is often pant-less and running a muck.


  4. I think our little boys could be best friends :D

  5. Haha this made me laugh. My son is yet to reach this stage, so I'll enjoy the tidiness and peace while it lasts :)

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