21 September 2012

Top 10...

Reasons why Thursday rocked...

1. Chinese Potluck Brunch with friends. YUM! Next month's potluck brunch theme: Harvest.

2. Kristen informed me that she has officially booked tickets to visit me out here in the forest.

3. Won this prize from a giveaway at rikrak studio

That's two clutch patterns and a small clutch from LBG Studio (cannot wait to try making the foldover clutch!), a necklace from Yanessa B., and a stocking of my choice from rikrak.
Seriously can't believe my luck.

4. Fake it Frugal brownies! I LOVE them! Especially with dark chocolate chips baked in... Mmm! It's currently my favorite treat.
5. Found this gem on the Ipod...
6. Which reminded me of this picture of Oliver from earlier this summer. Can't believe I didn't show you until now...

What can I say? We like naps.
7. Singing in the car with Ollie all afternoon while we drove to and fro, picking up my friend Oliver's girlfriend Tina and dropping her off at BWI and then picking Jesse up from school
8. The Magic of Ordinary Days with newly found kindred spirits Lindsey and Cami, officially on my top ten list of favorite people in all of Maryland. (Bree, you were right! They are my kind of people!)
9. Strawberry Peach smoothies for dinner.
10. Supernatural with Jesse until 1:00 am.


  1. congrats on the win!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "I love rikrak"... those napping photos are TOO much - ahh-dore and I need to look into these frugal brownies {anything with chocolate}. xo

  2. Those are fabulous pictures.

    But ... are you wearing a pencil skirt?

    When at home, I never stay in non-pajama clothes long enough to even eat a snack, let alone fall asleep. I stand in awe of your well-dressedness.