15 September 2012


Earlier this summer, our Severn Ward Laurel president suggested a summer incentive program for Personal Progress:
"We should set a requirement for value experiences to complete and then take whoever met the requirement on a special activity. Like a day trip. Somewhere AMAZING!"
And thus, T.R.I.P.P. was born.
"Take Responsibility In Personal Progress"
Five of us were eligible for the trip after ten weeks and ten value experiences. So we drove to D.C. to take the girls to the National Museum of American History and then up to Georgetown for some famous Georgetown Cupcakes.
This is the line we waited in to buy said cupcakes. That's about 35 minutes worth of cupcake patrons.
I picked Key Lime.
My life is changed... These cupcakes were, dare I say, even better than Sweet Tooth Fairy.
Please bless I live a posh Georgetown life when I'm a grown up...

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