11 September 2012

Ollie Mail

My parents sent Ollie a package. Which certainly made his little day.

It contained:
1 Halloween themed shirt
1 "Oliver the Dinosaur" Halloween costume
1 pair of bright orange gardening gloves
1 love note from Grandma Min
He pulled the gloves on immediately. He thinks they are perfect for singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" because they accentuate his little fingers when he twinkles them. The dino suit took a little convincing but he wore it until bedtime...
Something tells me that Oliver has found his number one wardrobe choice for the next two months. I just hope he is reasonable about it...and that it washes well.


  1. He is lucky to have a fun mom and you let him wear it as much as he wants. He will remember it! Gina wore her little pink poodle costume until it came out of the washer in as a tangled string. I was glad to see it go.

  2. oh my goodness seriously so cute - especially the garden gloved twinkle fingers. I want a package from my Gram ;)