13 September 2013

I Might Be Crazy

I often think I might be crazy, and sometimes I provide myself with proof...

Tonight, I purposely decided to wait until everyone had gone to bed before I started to make the Spiced Apple Carrot Cake that I'm planning to take to lunch tomorrow. I thought it would be so nice to spend some quiet time in my kitchen alone, listening to the new Mindy Gledhill album that I just downloaded with the itunes gift card I got for Christmas (thanks mom!), and scooping flour out of my new kitchen canisters (because that never gets old).

After Jesse went to bed and I sat talking with him until he fell asleep, because sometimes the only time we have, just us, together, I walked downstairs to get started. It hit me that I wouldn't be able to use the food processor to grate apples and carrots -too noisy- and therefore, wouldn't be making a midnight cake after all. Bummer.

Immediately upon realizing that the cake would not be baked this fateful night, I decide to stay up super late anyway, doing nothing at all. It wasn't really a conscious decision...just one Nothing lead to another Nothing, and then I'd spent two hours doing Absolutely Nothing...

Don't worry, I finally decided to go to bed when my eyes drooped for a moment and I started envisioning crickets playing maracas instead of rubbing their legs together.

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