10 September 2013

Sometimes It's the Little Things


Guess what!

I got up this morning (THIS MORNING) and took a shower. Usually, shower doesn't happen until nap time.

Then, after I showered, I styled my hair (blow dried AND straightened). Usually, my hair goes into a bun on the back of my head. On Sunday, it goes into a nicer bun on the back of my head.

Then, after I showered and styled my hair, I put on makeup (on my WHOLE face). Usually, I only put on mascara and eyeliner. And that's only if I'm planning to see people I know. If I'm just planning a trip to the store or the mall, I don't wear any.

Yikes, right?

Then I took Oliver to his first day of sort-of-preschool (which he LOVED) and took myself to the mall to buy Oliver some socks. The socks were so cheap (80 cents), and I felt so good that I decided to buy myself a shirt. It is blue with sparkly sequin polka dots, and it was on sale. I plan to wear it this fall with jeans and boots (yes mom, I will wear a blue shirt with denim pants...I've come a long way!)

And you know what, I felt pretty great.

I guess you sort of forget how nice it feels to get yourself prepared for the day when you're busy trying to just get through it in one piece, and make sure that the little boy's pee pee makes it to the big boy potty more often than not, and other equally remarkably stressful yet mundane things

YIKES, right?

Maybe I'll do it all again tomorrow!