18 September 2013

It Feels Like Fall!

For real this time!

The weather has been cool with temperatures in the low seventies for days.

The lower temperatures mean that the humidity doesn't splash (and I do mean SPLASH) over you every time you leave the house.

The leaves are starting to look on the crunchy side.

And I'm getting the itch for soup, and squash, and warm, baked goods!

I think I've almost talked myself into making soup every other day of the season as it is my very favorite food group.

However, I have to be careful about the baked goods. My doctor said something about eating a nutritious diet???

He was less than impressed with the my recent steady intake of cold cereal and candy bars...I probably shouldn't add an over abundance of delectable sugary baked treats to the mix.

Maybe just an abundance.

Not an over abundance.

There's obviously a distinction between the two.

Alright, that settles it! Now would somebody please be a dear and bring me some pie?

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