12 September 2013

The Story of Jesse's Life: High School Mixes

Do you remember back before Ipods when people created playlist after playlist and burned them onto blank CD's?

We all did it. And so did Jesse.

Today I saw one of them, and the title made me laugh. 

A lot.

I wish I could tell you what sorts of songs Jesse felt would be well represented by using this as a title for his cd, but I'm not a huge fan of Jesse's music (there's a four year gap between us and a lot can change in the music world in four years), so I didn't bother to listen.

Moral of the story: Be selective about what you write with permanent marker and then save forever...one day, years later, your wife may post it on the interweb because it is funny.


  1. Haha. We must meet this fancy Nancy!

  2. Lol i remember well listening to many of his burned CDs lol and the boys sitting for hours on our computer making them And playlists for church dances