12 January 2012

Just so you know...

I went north to the dentist in Downey today...and I liked it!

For real!

My chair was purple...there was a huge vintage beach mural on the wall...my hygienist's name was Spring...her gloves were mint flavored...and she did not give me any guilt trips because I really hate flossing...didn't even hint at it.

The only downside was that I didn't think ahead and burn a copy of Florence and the Machine to listen to loudly on this rare occasion that I had 40 minutes in the car by myself.

Do you know how good Florence sounds in the car?

You might if you have spent any time with me in my car in the past year...


Because I didn't have Florence, I found NPR and listened to a riveting interview about the future of YouTube...

And for the cherry on top:

They played "I Love Cats

(click the link! You'll be so glad you did!)


  1. Umm ... what's Florence and the Machine?

    1. Florence and the Machine is only my favorite musical artist of all time!!! Some people think she's a little strange though...it's not for everyone I guess.

  2. Florence does sound fantastic in the car!