13 January 2012

The Mosai Are Moving...Again

Would you like to know where???

Then, tell me this:

What did Idaho?


She hoed her Maryland!

We will be headed east in May.

Destination: Annapolis, Maryland (or somewhere close to it).

I'm excited, but mostly terrified...like this:

Photo by Cherish at the 2010 Snow College Housing Super Bowl Party

Jesse doesn't worry like I do, so he's just excited.

He's been waiting for this for three years. I've sorta been dreading it.

But I know we can do hard things, and we have supportive family and friends who care. That will make all the difference.

We're pretty lucky that way...


  1. what an exciting new adventure (even though it's scary!) I am super happy for your little family!

  2. That is exciting! And the east coast is awesome. I'm sure you guys will have a great experience there. :D

  3. Yea! It'll be great! Lots of awesome things to see and history to take in.

  4. How Fun! This will be such an adventure, i hope i can see you before you go back east though!

  5. I gosh, I can't tell you how many times I was thinking I should have left you a comment on this post! Yah-hoo! I totally miss Annapolis and the Bay area--those colonial looking buildings and all the trees--so exciting!! Don't miss out on the Baltimore Aquarium or Fort McHenry--or you'll regret it. The Naval Academy is fun to watch when the guys go marching outside. Just wow. I'll have to message you sometime and we can talk! Congrats!