21 January 2012

Olivander's Hair and a Little Bit of Whimsy I Wish I Could Call My Own...

One thing I have always loved about Oliver J. is his hair.

Remember when he had those two strands poking up that were longer than all the rest? Like they had been hangin' on since the day he was born?

Today, like most other days, he woke up from his nap sporting a new do.

Happens to be one of my favorites so far.

...And now for something completely different...


Now that we are trying to save a TON of money for Maryland, I am finding more and more superfluous items that I wish to spend money on. That's always the way it goes right?

Now, I know it doesn't make any sense...but I really love the felt taxidermy from SquackDoodle. I mean A LOT.

In fact...I have it in my head that I need them...in my living room...

I think my favorites are the bunny and the moose. I love the fun fabrics on their ears.

All images from SquackDoodle's shop.


  1. okay, I admit they are seriously some of the coolest decor I have seen!

    I like the moose and the elephant!

  2. Felt is really cheap. I bet you could make those for sure!!!