29 January 2012

So...this week I've been working on a research paper...like, 12 hours per day

(except yesterday when I went to Logan to play with Becca, which was a welcome relief!)

Anyway, just so you'll feel bad for me, I thought I would share our dinner menu for the past few days:

Thursday: leftovers
Friday: Bread with butter and Jam...multiple slices
Saturday: Cereal
Sunday: I'm hoping that I thought ahead a long time ago and hid something in freezer to warm up...if that's not the case...Cereal it is!

You're jealous right now aren't you...

I'm looking forward to the next three days when Jesse is in charge. He is off work until Thursday, which I'm hoping means real food, completed housework, and a chance to finish this nasty paper and the one in line right after it.

Wish us luck! And if you don't hear from us sometime in the near future...someone please check to make sure we are still alive.


  1. You and your research paper (oh and your boys) are in my prayers :) Love you!

    1. You are the best Indian a girl could ask for!