26 January 2012

Today I Was a Domestic Goddess!

Last night I served stuffed peppers and noodles with tomato sauce for dinner.

Usually this is my favorite meal, but there was something about it that I did not love.

Therefore, I was dreading lunch today when leftovers were on the menu...

As I sat at the computer, trying to write a research paper but thinking about food instead (which happens far too often) an idea popped right into my head...

And right then and there, I made up a new recipe!!!

Well...it's not really a recipe. It's just a list of instructions...(that's me channeling my inner Mrs. Alger).

Isn't it crazy that three and half years ago I could barely cook a packet of ramen, and now I'm whipping up my own stuff.

YIKES I'm amazing!

Here it is!

Pour two cans condensed tomato soup and two cans milk into a saucepan and whip them up. Take your leftover stuffed pepper halves (2), dice them up and throw them in. Add your leftover tomato sauced noodles (about 1 1/2 cups). Salt and Pepper to taste. Heat through and serve it up! Maybe next time I'll add some corn?

Yes my darlings, inventing new recipes, no matter how simple, is a characteristic of a domestic goddess

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