11 August 2009

Pillow Talk

There are many in this world who believe that pillow talk is one of the best ways that a couple can maintain open communication with each other...i.e. Doris Day when she sang

"When it's all said and done two heads are better than one."

Pillow talk is often described as a true form of self disclosure between two partners in a relationship...and a lot of times it is. But I also think that pillow talk can sometimes just be a fun, uninterrupted conversation about anything...like this morning:

Della (rolls over in bed): "They've been mowing their lawn for over an HOUR!"

Jesse: "They have a big lawn."

Twenty minutes later...

Jesse: 'Now they are weed-eating. Well, actually it's more like weed-whacking because they aren't really eating weeds, they are just cutting them down. Are you a weed-eater or a weed-whacker...because this is important."

Della: "Actually, I'm a weed-hacker, because you're not really eating the weeds, but if you were only whacking them, you would just be hitting the weeds...whacking doesn't cut off appendages like hacking does. You hack at those weeds until they can't stand it any more and fall over in shame. When you're dealing with weeds it's OK to use strong, words like 'hack' and even 'slash.'"

Jesse: "Well I guess it's safe to say that we will never be a weed-eating family..."

Della: "Right. It's settled: We will never eat weeds."

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