09 August 2009

Reflections on my Anniversary

A year ago today I woke up early...too early, but I couldn't help it you see. It was a big day!

I walked aimlessly around the house a few times...maybe more than a few.

Grandma Cox told me to eat breakfast, so I had a little...a very little.

Then it was finally time to go. I sat in front of the bathroom mirror while Colleen did my hair, and Mom watched. I couldn't tell if Mom's face was happy or sad...I think it was a little of both.

Miss Ashley drove my mom and me to the Manti, Utah temple, a place that will forever hold my heart.

That's where I saw Jesse walking towards the steps...Now, I know I should have thought about how he took my breath away, or how this day was the most important day in my whole existence....I should have, but instead I thought to myself:

"I could just say, 'Let's just drive home now, we don't really need to stop here today.' and I know they would be more than happy to turn the car around for me."

Really. That's what I thought.

But I got my brave self out of the car, entered the House of the Lord, put on my beautiful white dress, and was married for time and all eternity.

The past year has brought Jesse and I such happiness and success. We have learned a great deal. We have gathered many memories, established new traditions, and look forward to the chance to create many more in our years to come.

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