16 August 2009

We Made It!

Today marks the end of a very long week for us here at Anderson Hall.

Thus far, we have already had to call police dispatch, kick out some guests without proper authorization to stay overnight, and remind all the new residents to flush toilets when they have finished their business in the loo...(THAT'S RIGHT YIKES!)

We had training all day for four days in a row. We learned how to be peer mentors and all about on-campus housing policy. We participated in many long drawn out conversations pertaining to TV privileges, curfews,overnight guests, spent endless hours decorating...and then there was that horrific stint in the housing office involving keys. However it was all very worth it because free food for every meal was involved, and we had great company...for the most part.

And so we made it to CHECK IN DAY. That was yesterday. We spent a lot of time in the lobby, meeting a lot of people that I don't remember.

The funniest moms:

"Where's the ironing board?...BUT WHAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO ON SUNDAY?"

"Are you good babysitters...He needs a lot of instruction...and eye contact."

Maybe it's time to cut some apron strings?

However long and drawn out our week was, we are very grateful to our fellow Anderson RA's and ARA's for their terrific senses of humor, and for their stupendous attitudes. We really feel like we can trust them to do their part and it helps us want to do ours. We look forward to a great year!

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