13 December 2010

Good day sunlight, I'd like to say how truly bright you are.

I’ll never forget Jesse’s expression as he kissed my face and told me how beautiful our son was before he ran off to watch as they weighed and measured him. It was so full of love and adoration. It made me feel like a queen.

I was there by myself, my arms yearning to bear the weight of my infant. In that moment I tried to comprehend the magnitude of the occasion, but my head and heart knew no emotion save Joy, abundant and eternal.

I held his tiny hand for the first time until my attention was directed elsewhere. I handed him off to Jesse with strict instructions to get off the phone and look at his baby boy with no distractions.

That night we had a hard time keeping the CNA over the nursery away.

“Temperature. Temperature. We have to check his Temperature. Don’t unwrap him he will get cold. Should we put him in the incubator?”…the boy was fine.

We brought the nugget home the following night.

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