13 December 2010

A Painfully Long and Boring Poem:

7:00 p.m. The nurse (Annie) plugged me in and away we went.

Jesse and I played Lego Batman to pass the time.
We watched Psych to pass some more time.
My parents called.
His parents called. They were vacationing in California. Jealousy.
I tried to read.
I asked what time it was…
…it had only been three hours.
And then Jesse fell asleep.

That’s when it started to hurt too much to focus.
I tried to watch tv…hoping for an informercial…but found that the remote wasn’t working.
I tried to sleep.
I tried to breath through the contractions…but I had never practiced…so I wasn’t very good at it.
And then I wanted a hand to squeeze
So I tried to wake Jesse…
No Luck.
So I threw my cup at him.

Jesse tried to talk to me…but it hurt to try to focus on a conversation.
He kept trying to adjust his blanket.
He told me he was cold.
He kept trying to get comfortable.
I informed him that there was no such thing as "COMFORTABLE" in my hospital room.

Contractions 1 minute apart.
For 5 more hours.

At 5:30 a.m. I told Annie that I wanted and epidural or I wanted to go home. But I couldn’t handle anymore pain.
6:00 Epidural.

It had been a long night which turned in to a long day. My socks kept falling off my feet, my leg kept falling off the bed and I was tired. The nurse came to check on me and announced that I was ready. She called the doctor who confirmed it. I was to start pushing. It was all going to be over soon…

…well two hours later and after a grand total of 22 hours in labor, Oliver J. made his entrance into the world…

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