13 December 2010

In Which I Become Completely Disenchanted with Pregnancy and all Facets of the Experience

Sunday.July 11th. My due date. I gave up.

For days I had been having contractions. Uncomfortable, annoying, useless contractions. I stayed home from church. I watched a couple of movies. I took Jesse on a two mile walk. Some friends brought over some “Happy Due Date” cookies with delectable blue frosting. I ate them all. (Thanks again Jessica) We ate leftover Chinese food for dinner (which I made the night before, hoping to induce labor to no avail). I took my heavy body to bed, hoping that something drastic would happen during the night.

I was significantly disappointed.

My baby was now officially late.

On Monday July 12th, overdue and in my pajamas, I headed to Sanpete Valley hospital in Mt. Pleasant for my weekly NST where they tried to keep me and my cranky uterus for an extended stay. I told Charisse (my nurse) that I wasn’t ready to have a baby, and the baby wasn’t ready to be had. She didn’t believe me. She did an exam…yes that kind. It was awful. She called my doctor. A new ultrasound was ordered, but it turned out that I was right. I was scheduled to be induced the next Monday and I left with strict instructions to return on Thursday for another NST and then attend my already scheduled appointment with Dr. Christensen.

For two more days I stayed in the house ignoring the well meaning phone calls from friends, neighbors, housing, and ward members. I willed my body to get to work.


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