11 December 2010

This Weekend I...

...Sampled some Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes. My favorites are still Vanilla and Strawberry Shortcake.

...Learned what ftw means...."For the Win." But I had to look up how to use it correctly.


Pepsi is best.
Nope, cola is way better.
Pepsi ftw!

I still don't get it.

...Went to dinner with the familiars (thanks again grandpa!) and Took Jesse to see Heather's last performance in the Salt Lake Dance Center's performance of "The Night Before Christmas." 

This year (because I like to brag about her) Heather made seven appearances with two major solos, the Snow Queen and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Don't worry. She danced BEAUTIFULLY! Jesse was impressed by how quietly she moved across the floor.

...ate at the Blue Plate Diner. My Dani friend suggested it and I was not disappointed. It was DELECTABLE! And unique! They have an honest to goodness soda fountain and plenty of awesome memorabilia eye candy. I had myself the S.M.A omelet (spinach, mushroom, avocado...never thought to put that with eggs did you?) and loved every bite. My only issue with the experience was the bum crack right in my line of sight from the girl whose pants were way too low cut...but I solved that by keeping my eye on the presidents of the United States place mat. 

...Ran a million errands.

...missed Ashley and Annie. Another time ladies.
I loved this quick trip the 801 and can't wait to go again...

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