21 December 2010

The Wintry Day Descending to Its Close

It's days like these I wish the world would stop so I could enjoy them properly...inside with a blanket, a season or three of lost, and an open window displaying the falling flakes outside.

Unfortunately this was not the perfect snow day. Jesse and I both had to work (he was an hour late because first he, and then the Kubota that came to help him got stuck in the parking lot), the power kept flickering, and there was just too much to be done.

It was more disruptive than enjoyable.

I find that when the snow is destructive and stubborn like this, I feel helpless and stuck.

Hopefully tomorrow the storm will be lighter, and the day more enjoyable. Jesse, Ollie Bird, and I are free to stay home and sleep as late as we please.

We're crossing our fingers that the weather improves dramatically by the weekend.

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