29 December 2010

Picture a Christmas:

 First Becca fix in over 4 months...
Epically delectable dinner of roast with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy
Shepherds and a Wiseguy
Jesse was a Wiseguy with a silver mullet
...When Joseph went to Bethlehem.
We Three Kings
Christmas Morning
 A Snuggie for Seth
Mess Man opens his gift

We spent Christmas in Cedar City with the Moses family...everyone but Chad's family and Greg who spent his holiday serving the Lord in England. It was two days of good food, great fun, and a grand time. I'm happy to report that Emma loved the gift I picked out for her...which is super, because I was worried.
I always have a hard time without my own family or traditions but Jesse's family makes up for what is missing when I'm with them. I love them all and am looking forward to the next time we see them.
Later that same weekend we drove to Salt Lake to visit my family. We caught Gina and Andre on the last two days of their trip, and got to spend time with everyone.
Oliver soaked up all the sights and sounds, enjoyed as much stray wrapping paper as he could get his hands on, and smiled at everyone he saw.
On the whole, I declare that this Christmas was a success in every way.
We made it back to E-town last night...just in time to miss the second big storm of the season.

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