30 December 2010

The Story of Jesse's Life: Neckties

When we were first married, I asked Jesse what he wanted for Christmas...he wasn't sure....so I gave him some options...

socks? music? movies? ties???

His response: "I already have a couple of ties. I don't need anymore."

My dad has MANY ties so this was almost offensive to me...almost.

I decided to give it some time.

Luckily my parents gave him one for Christmas.

One that he liked.


Since then, his eyes have opened to a whole wide world of ties. He likes recieving them, and has even picked some out for himself on occassion.

This Christmas season he was given three ties and a tie hanger. He liked it all so much he wanted a picture...


  1. I got Garrison a couple neck tie hangers for Christmas that have like 30 places to hang ties. Even then, he opens it and says, "Well, this may not be enough." He has a lot!

  2. That is awesome! Tie hangers are probably the best invention I have ever seen. My dad has like 10 tie hangers in his closet!